Lean Six Sigma Project Management Turbocharge PAK

Project management and lean six sigma both have lifecycles. The Lean Six Sigma Project Management Turbocharge PAK focuses on some Lean Six Sigma tools that can be used in conjunction with the project management lifecycle to accelerate your project, make progress and sustain results.

Change Management Plan

This template, will help guide the change leader through any project or effort with “The Keys to Well Managed Change”. Whether it is identifying resistance to change, designing ways to reduce that resistance or develop a master plan, this template has it all.

Change Leader Development
(June 1, 2016)

The Change Leader Development Plan is a road map for change practitioners at all levels to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to move up the Change Leader Continuum and become the “go to” person to get results in any situation that requires results. It will differentiate you from your peers and insure that YOU are adding the most value for your team!

Data Governance Cookbook
(September 1, 2016)

Data governance is a set of processes that insures that important enterprise data assets are properly managed. This cookbook is the detailed plan and methodology to build and implement a data governance process.

Enterprise Analysis Project Foundation
(Dec 1, 2016)

This tool is for either the business leader or project manager. It is used to execute the collection of pre-project activities for capturing the future view of the business to provide context to project requirements elicitation and solution design for a given initiative. It also helps identify why we are doing the project and how we will measure success.

Product Pipeline

Our future product releases include:
Execution Audit (July 2016)
Six Sigma for PMs (August 2016)
Risk PAK (September 2016)
Making Change Stick (Jan 2017)