Services Overview

Business Transformation

Large scale,complex change that has impacts on people, process and technology. Bringing all the execution engines to bear (Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Change Management) we deliver significant results giving you strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Change Leader Development

There are project managers, change managers, and then, there are change leaders. Strategic projects and business initiatives will need elite change leaders to execute. We mentor, coach and teach your change leaders to become those select few who can deliver sustained results for your organization.

Advanced Project Techniques

Your organization may have mastered traditional project management. Now you are looking for ways to elevate your PM processes. We can enhance your PM arsenal with agile project management, cost and schedule risk analysis, critical chain project management, advanced software and other improved methods.


All the planning is done, now you need to implement. We have a ready team to come in and execute your plan. We specialize in PM software, ERP, M&A and Data Governance implementations. We dovetail smoothly to keep momentum and deliver successful outcomes.

Featured Services

  • Strategic Project/Program Management

    We deliver mission critical projects/programs that require better communications, establishing focus, setting expectations, making things simple and connecting the dots. These projects and programs are highly aligned to organization strategy and delivery of the project is critical to your organization's success.
  • Project/Program Methodology

    Organizations may not just need a project manager to come in and lead a project. They need a foundation on which to execute projects and programs on a repeatable basis. We develop, design and implement a project/program framework based on organizational needs to sustain delivery now and in the future.

Additional Services

  • In addition to our 6 core services on this page, we provide additional project and change oriented services.

    Is your project in trouble? Do you have the same status meeting every week? The statistics regarding project failure are sobering. While almost 40% of projects are trouble or at risk, project recoveries are common. Our proven project recovery process will help you get results-quickly.
  • Whether you need a temporary PMO to organize your work, or you need us to help you develop and implement a PMO, we are here to help. Our PMO service will give you the processes and tools will help you get started quickly as we coach and mentor your team to drive value for your organization.